A sunroof is a window like opening that is mounted on the rooftop of your vehicle.  This makes your car look fantastic and stylish, creating a look all your own!  A sunroof also gives your car “natural” air conditioning, allowing fresh air to flow when driving.  If you have always dreamed of adding a sunroof to your vehicle, stop in to see our team of craftsmen at Auto Interior Decorators and look at our vast array of sunroof options!

Advantages of Sunroofs

When your vehicle is equipped with a sunroof, your vehicle is better illuminated. Gloomy days are made better and rides are more comfortable. A few other advantages are:

  • Allows fresh air circulating inside your car
  • Creates a romantic atmosphere
  • Less noisy than when your windows are down
  • Allows great ventilation
  • Most come with a rain sensor that will automatically close
  • Adds more value to your vehicle if you are reselling
  • Gives the inside of your car a bigger feel

Don’t Have a Sunroof?

If your vehicle doesn’t currently have a sunroof, there is no need to fret.  Bring your car to our team of specialists at Auto Interior Decorators and choose from our wide selection of sunroofs for us to install.
We have pop ups, spoiler, inbuilt, folding and top mounted sunroofs.  A top mounted sunroof seems to be the most popular.