There are many additions that a car lover may invest in. A car lover spends both time and money to ensure that their vehicle is outfitted with the best accessories and parts. Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, as a conscientious driver you will want to strive to improve the speed, fuel efficiency and performance of your ride. One way in which to accomplish this is by adding a spoiler to your automobile. Our team at Auto Interior Decorators is here to assist you in choosing the right spoiler for your vehicle.

How Does a Spoiler Work?

A spoiler added to your car allows for a more aerodynamic ride. Most spoilers are attached to the rear of your car, but occasionally they can be found on the front as well.
The type of spoiler and where it is positioned will provide different improvements to your car’s performance.
The main reason people install a spoiler is to allow a better airflow over and around your car. This also creates better grip or traction on the road.

Types of Spoilers

There are a variety of spoilers available on the market today. Some of the types of spoilers are as follows:

  • Pedestal Spoiler
  • Front Spoiler
  • Lip Spoiler
  • Wings