A headliner is the foam-backed cloth shell that is attached by a bonding agent to the ceiling of your vehicle. It is not uncommon for the headliner to become unattached and start to cave in. This happens when it has been exposed to excessive amounts of moisture or if your car is an older model. Stop in today to visit our experienced team at Auto Interior Decorators to find out how the headliner on your vehicle can be repaired.

Steps to Replacing Your Headliner

Replacing the headliner to your vehicle is a multi-step process. The following are the steps we will follow in order to replace your headliner:

  • First we will remove the old headliner. This includes detaching the seatbelt covers, lights, speakers, visor and clothes hangers. Then we will remove the material from the car headliner board
  • Next, we will scrape any of the foam that remains stuck to the board. We will be careful not to damage the board
  • Then we will lay the replacement fabric over the board and make sure it is smooth and flat without wrinkles
  • Now both surfaces will be prepared with adhesion
  • We will now strategically cut holes in where the lights, seat belts, visors and clothes hangers are placed
  • Finally, the headliner will be replaced back inside your vehicle.