Custom Grilles

Aftermarket accessories add a personal touch to your ride. Such an accessory that many car and truck enthusiasts will purchase are custom grilles. A custom grille will typically add to your vehicles cosmetics. Originally a grille was meant to provide ventilation to various parts of your vehicle as well as to protect the parts of your vehicle that are enclosed. Nowadays, a custom grille is available in a wide variety of patterns and metal types that allow you to add a bit of your own personality to your vehicle. So stop by Auto Interior Decorators to visit our vast array of custom grilles.

Custom Grille Types

All vehicles comes factory equipped with a grille of some kind. While the importance of the grille to keep the radiator and engine cooled has somewhat diminished over the years, the aesthetic appeal of the grille has increased. This has become apparent by the large demand for aftermarket custom grilles. Car and truck lovers can order a wide variety of decorative grilles that will make a huge visual impact on your vehicle. A custom grille can be made from a variety of metals in a range of patterns. The three most popular types of custom grilles are the:

· Billet Grilles

· Mesh Grilles

· CNC Custom Grilles